Skylet, Inc.

Company Focus

General Business Management Services:

SKYLET, Inc. provides a senior insight into the business of Research and Development with its primary focus on advanced electronics technology and associated technologies and how it impacts the federal government, primarily in the defense-related community. We provide technical, marketing, business development, program management, budgetary, program transition, and contractual guidance for a large spectrum of related technologies.

Technical Studies and Analysis:

SKYLET, Inc. performs comprehensive studies and analyses on a wide range of issues affecting advanced electronic technology and related technologies. SKYLET, Inc. works issues whether they are technical, business, financial (including equity trading), programmatic or political and generates a comprehensive approach to solving the issue.

Image Making:

SKYLET, Inc. anticipates that most of their clients are very technical in the work they perform. While the technical aspects of the job are important to developing new products, we find that some of the same clients falling short in the business world or the perception that they may not be business savvy. SKYLET, Inc. possesses the expertise to guide our clients on how they should carry themselves from personality to apparel, as well as relationship management in order to be accepted by senior or executive management. Coaching our clients to work with the Federal Government senior management is a core competency. To better facilitate business meetings, we provide our clients with an executive dining guide geared for senior executives in a restaurant and business meeting environment.

Equity and option trading:

SKYLET, Inc. manages the trading of equity and options with trading primarily on United States stock and option boards.